members and activists of political parties

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first imported on 28 April 2019 and last updated on 28 April 2019


van Haute, Emilie, & Paulis, Emilien. MAPP Dataset [Data set]. Zenodo.

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Members and Activists of Political Parties (MAPP)


  • van Haute, Emilie, and Emilien Paulis. 2016. “MAPP Dataset.”
  • van Haute, Emilie, Emilie Paulis, and Vivien Sierens. 2018. “Assessing Party Membership Figures: The MAPP Dataset.” European Political Science 17(3): 366–77.


  • Dataset was mainly linked with ParlGov IDs and PartyFacts IDs. -- see partyfacts-parlgov.csv
  • Removed original names of parties in Cyprus due to encoding issues.