• We have now completed a public version of the Party Facts webpage. It provides access to all core parties and to party information from most external datasets .

    Registered users can also access all user activity and datasets that are included preliminary, temporarily or for testing.

    Please get in touch if you are interested in our next steps.

  • All datasets are mainly linked and validated by users. At this point of time all parties of the major data sets have been linked. Additional data sets may be linked by users and will take some time.

    The current linking process can be tracked here.

  • Party Facts maintains a set of major data sets and their links to the core parties. Currently, parties from MARPOR and ParlGov are the core datasets maintained by us.

    Other datasets are added and linked by users that registered at the Party Facts platform. We import the dataset and parties from the dataset are linked and added by registered users.

    The current data sets, including several key information, are listed here: Datasets

  • Core parties are the new parties that are created and edited in Party Facts. Our goal is to collect information about all relevant political parties in the world.

    External parties are imported from datasets and are not edited in Party facts – see also Party Facts Data

    External parties are linked to core parties on the Party Facts webpage.

  • Almost all parties come from external data sets originally.

    See codebook for details. Browse the parties here.

  • Some Party Facts changes are done with scripts and use "robot".

    "robot" is used to link parties with a partyfacts_id or an exact name match during the import of a dataset.

    "robot" is also used to trash parties during the import of a dataset. These are external parties that were previously included in a dataset and in Party Facts but are excluded in a later version of the dataset.

    Sometimes we automate a specific tasks to clean up Party Facts and use "robot".

  • External parties from datasets are linked to core parties. A direct relationship between two parties of different datasets can not be established, only by linking them to the respective core party.

    For further information on how to link parties to core parties, please visit the codebook

  • Register and check data in Party Facts that you are familiar with. Edit the party data, provide information in comment fields, link parties and validate existing links.

  • After registration you can map and edit parties. These changes are added instantly into the respective data tables. Hence, we need some control over who is able to edit data in the project.

  • To add your own dataset into the Party Facts project, please follow our import guide, which you can find on our Github repository.

    In case of any further questions, please do no hesitate to contact either Holger Döring or Sven Regel. We are more than happy to provide some assistance.

  • The dataset "Test mapping" is to get a first introduction how to link external parties to there core parties. You can practice there and link the open cases. All links will be removed at certain intervals, so you don't have to worry about making mistakes.

    This option is only available to registered users.