Name Parties Progress Actions
Argentina 26
Bolivia 15
Brazil 27
Chile 32
Colombia 21
Costa Rica 28
Ecuador 22
Mexico 11
Peru 21
Uruguay 15
Venezuela 35


classification of Latin American political parties

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first imported on 16 September 2015 and last updated on 11 November 2018


Coppedge, Michael. 1997. “A Classification of Latin American Political Parties.” . Kellogg Institute for International Studies -- Working Paper #244.

Import "readme.txt"


Coppedge, Michael (1997): A Classification of Latin America Political Parties. Working paper no 244. Notre Dame: The Helen Kellogg Institue for International Studies.


pdf converted into spreadsheet -- pdf --> html --> csv

Uploaded to Google Sheets to edit and clean-up Coppedge party list. Import into repository with coppedge-parties.csv.


Importing only parties with different start and end date. More restrictive import filter for Argentina -- coppedge.R

Todo later

  • clean-up of duplicates in Google Sheets (esp. ARG)